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to people and make speeches and go to the foreign policy association and all that of course, the vietnam war was raging at that time. pauline frederick, who was, as you know, one of the great broadcasters, before this tour in 1968 said to me -- i was nervous about it. i was just back from my first tour of vietnam. she said, "well, you know, people on this, the correspondents, chancellor and that crowd are going to talk about what the president said to them last week. what you should do is tell them what a gi in the mekong delta said to you last week." i thought that was pretty sensible advice and did that and talked about what i felt was a real age of heroism. i hadn't really seen america and america's men and appreciated what they were until i saw them at war. it was a startling sight. i tried to get some of this across to an audience in san diego where we were all assembled and chancellor, who had taken an anti-war line, of course, referred to me as madame nhu, who was not exactly the most popular character at that time in our history. c-span: who was she? >> guest: well, she was diem's si
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1